Friday, July 16, 2010

Juice Cleanse

So, I decided (and I really am not quite sure why exactly) to try a 3 Day Juice Cleanse. It supposed to detoxify your body and purports you will feel fantastic at the end of day three. We shall see. Now, I'm actually quite excited to see what kind of results I may get but a little fearful of the process. I'm trying to eat better and learn to cook more (and better). I thought perhaps getting rid of some residual "stuff" might be a great incentive to keep moving forward.
The cleanse I chose allows for 3 smoothies and 3 juice drinks per day and lets you supplement with raw vegetables and fruit. All the smoothies and drinks are blended fresh for you each day to pick up in the morning.
I arrived at 7am on Friday for day 1. No coffee was my first challenge but the headache was only mild. I prepared lots of water with fresh lemons and limes to help keep it at bay. My menu for the day includes a Caribbean Cooler smoothie, an Acai smoothie and an Amazon Cherry Smoothie. All three have some variation of banana, orange juice, strawberry,and pineapple. For my juices, I chose 1 Immune Booster (just carrot and pineapple) and 2 Lemon Up (apple, carrot and lemon). Everything so far is delicious (honest!)! I was quite afraid of the taste of "pure" veggie and fruit juice. No sugar? No artificial sweeteners? My body hasn't been free of those for a day since...well it probably never has been.
So moving on into the afternoon it got pretty bad. In fact, it got downright awful. After lunch (my 2nd smoothie and some watermelon and red peppers) my headache started getting worse. I drank my water, made some tea but it just kept getting worse. I tried to drink my 2nd juice but I couldn't stomach it. The headache progressed and then I got nauseous. Very nauseous. I ended up having to leave work about an hour early.
When I got home, I collapsed for a couple hours and then felt much better. I couldn't face another smoothie or juice, though. I was anything but hungry.
Day 2
I picked up my day's supplies. Day 2 included a wheatgrass shot as a juice replacement. I was so happy because this was just a tiny little bit and I really wasn't ready for a big juice. This day was better. My head hurt a little but not like day 1. I had to go grocery shopping which was a bit difficult when you're not eating! I tried to compose a list ahead of time so I wouldn't come home with a crazy amount of crap or nothing at all since food was still not looking great to me.
I drank all 3 smoothies and two of the juices (the 3rd one was called Lean and Green. It just wasn't something I could do. I tried). I also made a big salad for dinner with lettuce, cucumbers and red peppers with lemon juice squeezed over it.
Day 3
I'm glad this is the last day. My head doesn't hurt anymore, though and I know I can finish this. I finished two out of three juices and all the smoothies. Other than that, I just munched on some fruit and veggies throughout the day.
All in all I'm glad I tried this. It was a challenge to me to see if I could not cheat! I wasn't hungry but can't wait to go back to regular food tomorrow!